Practicing your dance when not in class is CRUCIAL to becoming a better dancer. I am the dancer I am today because of teaching and dancing each week for the last 16 years (as of February 2018). I know when at home, LIFE often gets in the way and even if you do find the time, you don't really know where to start. Well...problem solved.

Starting this week, I will begin videoing two 20 minute drill videos a month for you to follow along with at your leisure. (There will be a 'warm up" video to always refer to first, so be sure and do that before starting the others.) I will often throw in an "extra special something" for subscribers just because. By the end of the year, you will have 24 twenty minute "mini drill classes" (8 hours) to help guide you into good practicing habits.

How it works...
The cost to have access to the videos each month is $10. Once you have paid (either along with your registration or separately before the month is out) I will send you links to the videos by email. You will then have access to that month's videos FOR LIFE. Because I will be uploading them to YouTube, you will be able to watch on your phone, computer or tv. Do them at your leisure and as often as you like. Start with one at a time and build up your endurance by choosing a second to follow or even a third. Your practice habits depend on you!

Subscribing is simple....purchase here, tell me in class,  or email me! Pay in class, or by paypal or the venmo or cash app and be sure to add the email at which you prefer to receive your links. Not strings attached, not contracts! Pay for the months you want to get the videos. Easy peasy....


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