Nayna is a multifaceted dancer who brings warmth, excitement, power and playfulness to every performance. She fell in love with bellydance in 2002 while learning from Yasmine (Charlotte, NC), and quickly progressed to the professional level of performance and teaching.

Dedicated to continuously improving and evolving in her art, Nayna draws upon the influence of a diverse array of master dancers such as Rachel Brice, Saida, Bozenka, and the guidance of her mentor, Suhaila Salimpour. As a result, she is comfortable and proficient in the Egyptian, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion styles of bellydance. In addition to dancing, she has acquired a love for fire arts and enjoys fire spinning (poi) and incorporating other fire props (such as fire fans) into her performances.

While mesmerizing to watch on stage, Nayna's first love is teaching. New students find her classes to be productive and challenging while also fun and more importantly, non-intimidating. Her friendly but firm teaching style keeps classes engaging and students find themselves striving enthusiastically to nurture the power and beauty that bellydance brings out in every person.

Nayna is Level 1 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance, danced 6 years as part of the the award-nominated Magic Hips Dancers, and is a founding member of award-nominated Spirit of the Lotus dance troupe.



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